Seth Curry Career High 37 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (2/28/2020)

Assuming that Stephen Curry comes back from injury as a lesser version of himself who doesn’t get big minutes on a hobbled and aspirationless Warriors team, I would say that the chances are extremely good that Seth Curry just had a better game tonight than Steph is going to have this entire season.

I mean, Seth almost had a forty-burger. He was one three-pointer away from a FRICKIN FORTY BURGER. This was the guy that, after his first two seasons in the league went by with him playing four total games and not making any kind of impact at all, I assumed would make a nice career for himself in Italy or something. I didn’t expect him to be playing a big role on a legitimate playoff team while simultaneously making his brother look like the biggest heap of putrid garbage in the entire universe. A big heap of putrid garbage with a hand that got turned into a barely-held-together mass of microscopic bone fragments by the large Aussie rear end of Aron “Manbun” Baynes.

37 points. What the heck.

My only regret now is that I can’t write a description where Seth infiltrates his brother’s house chanting “Ravioli ravioli give me the forty-oli” while seeking the secret formula to breaking the forty-point threshold. And I’m not going to bother pre-writing it because it is quite likely that Seth never reaches these insane heights of scoring prowess ever again. You can imagine how funny it would be though.

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