RJ Barrett 19 Points Full Highlights (2/29/2020)

RJ Barrett went 3/4 from three in this game. Considering that he’s shooting around 17% from the threezone in the month of February, the shooting performance depicted here is a sight for sore eyes. And there are no eyes sorer than those of Knicks fans right now. No amount of tears can assuage the soreness of those eyes, because the tears of Knicks fans are of a bitter, hateful variety that are not cleansing but are instead caustic.

One good game doesn’t change the recent trend of Barrett’s poor play for the team that drafted him. This is a common point of discussion among Knicks fans (most of whom, I can only assume, have some self-hatred issues), and there’s often disagreement as to who/what the culprit is.

Quick quiz: which of the following is true when it comes to Barrett’s development this season?

a. Barrett’s development is ruined by Elfrid Payton who freezes him out of the offense
b. Barrett’s development is ruined by the woeful shooting of all his teammates (even the supposed “shooters”) which ruins spacing for Barrett’s primary skill, which is driving to the basket
c. Barrett’s development is ruined directly by James Dolan’s ownership
d. Barrett’s development is ruined by Barrett himself
e. Barrett’s development is ruined by coaches who don’t trust him enough
f. All of the above
g. All of the above except d.

Submit your answers in the comments below, but be aware that if you answer incorrectly, I resolve the right to ban you from not only my channel but also from the internet itself.

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