Brandon Knight 16 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/1/2020)

Brandon Knight has now had four double-digit scoring games in a row, and with each “good” game he has (remember that “good” is relative term), my feelings towards him go from “I’m sad that he’s struggling in the league after being so good pre-injury” to “I’m happy that he’s rounding back into form.” That definitely makes the highlight-making process less painful for me. Making sad highlight videos is a mentally draining process. Making happy highlight videos reinvigorates me and gives me motivation to pursue my own dreams (although my dream of opening an authentic BBQ restaurant in my hometown would be easier to achieve if I know what authentic BBQ even was, and if I knew how to cook).

At this point, I’m thinking that Knight might even get another contract this off-season. From an NBA team, not a Euroleague or Middle-Eastleague or Asialeague team. I was definitely not thinking that while he was in Cleveland. But it turns out that Detroit was a great place for Knight to end up: they got rid of Reggie Jackson, so he really only has to compete with Derrick Rose for minutes. There’s no expectation for wins, so Knight can play loose and free. And, don’t forget, Detroit was where he started his career, so there might be some comfort coming back to Detroit.

If Knight regresses again, I’ll be said again. But, for now, I’m going to cling to this happiness like a piece of life-saving driftwood in the tumultuous seas of Detroit Pistons suckage.

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