Seth Curry 27 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2020)

Tonight was supposed to be the night that Stephen Curry finally returned from his injury (incurred as a result of getting sat on by Aron Baynes, damn, what even happened to that dude it’s like when he injured one of the league’s most beloved superstars he sent himself on a downward trajectory along with Curry), but with the way Seth Curry is playing, who cares? I don’t, because obviously I only care about role-players. And you don’t, because you’re watching this video instead of scouring Twitter for rumors on Steph’s return. Casuals might care, but their opinions hold no weight and can be safely discarded.

Seth (hereafter referred to only as “Curry” because I am SO done talking about his bum-ass brother) put on a seriously sick scoring display last game, scoring 37, hitting 13 of 15 shots and 8 of 9 threes. It was one of the greatest performances of the year, I am firmly convinced of that. That performance capped off a really sick February where he shot almost 60 percent from deep and set some sort of record for highest three-point percentage in a month.

Which I don’t believe, because I just watched, with my own two eyes, Drew Eubanks go 100 percent from three in February.

Anyway, whether he has that meaningless random record or not, the fact remains that he’s been a veritable flamethrower for a couple weeks now. And it looks like he’s ready to continue that trend into March, as he started the month off right with a smooth 27-point performance. Only 3 of 7 from three, which is basically garbage for him, but he still hit a lot of midrange jimbos, which are totally the next stage in his evolution. I know I said I was done talking about Steph, but his midrange game was seriously sweet before he realized that he could dominate even harder by spamming threes. Maybe Seth can pick up the slack in tha area.

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