Dorian Finney-Smith 18 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2020)

It would have been hella sweet if Dorian Finney-Smith’s six points in the final fifteen seconds of this game had somehow stolen a sure victory out of the hands of the Bulls. Alas, the deficit was too great, and Doncic’s half-court heave as time expired didn’t quite go in. Still, it was an exciting time to be a Mavericks fan, and perhaps even a more exciting time to be a Mavericks player (as DFS is).

Would a Bulls’ loss have constituted the biggest choke-job ever in the history of everything? Yes. It would have. For Mr. Egg Man to call a pointless timeout at the end of the game, only for his out-of-timeout play to result in a turnover, a dunk, another turnover, and a three-pointer in the span of five seconds, while an entire arena (okay, 2/3rds of an arena) wails in disbelief, would have been a scene that would be replayed for decades to come. And DFS would have been a huge part of that historic moment.

Thanks to me, however, this not-quite-historic moment has been MADE historic by my uploading this video to my channel. It will remain a permanent testament to what DFS accomplished tonight, and future historians will be able to reference it during the authorship of their learned tomes. Until some copyright holder decides to delete me.

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