Glenn Robinson III Career High 25 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2020)

Before he departed from Golden State, Glenn Robinson III was working on a stretch where he had 11 out of 12 games scoring double figures. In retrospect, it was clear that the Warriors were showcasing him for a trade, but that doesn’t invalidate the points he was putting up on a nightly basis. He still had to go out there and get those buckets, otherwise Alec Burks was happy to take them himself.

He continued his streak in his debut for the 76ers, scoring 10, but then cratered, scoring between 2 and 6 in the next 7 games. This is puzzling to me; are the Sixers so good that they don’t even need the talents of a 12 PPG scorer at all? And if so, why did they trade for him in the first place? Is the reality that Robinson actually sucks and the only reason he looked good at all was because he was playing on the worst team in the league? I have more questions (why doesn’t Jennifer love me as I love her?????), but seeing as I have no answers, I’ll spare you the full list.

Well, now Robinson has gone and tied his career high in points with 25, so the likelihood that he just sucks and was padding his stats is lessened. 25 points is a really legit amount of points, made even more legit by the fact he was playing against the Lakers (who are pretty good) on national TV (which is way different than playing a game that no one will see because it’s on the regional sports networks). There’s probably talking heads on ESPN talking about how Philly is misusing Robinson or how Robinson is the third part of the big three that Philly was looking so desperately for.

In my world, the ideal big three would be Robinson, Burks, and Norvel Pelle. But we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a world where The Process has reached its conclusion and the 76ers aren’t tanking wildly anymore.

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