Elfrid Payton 20 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

I don’t think there’s any way for me to look this up on basketball-reference, and it’s pretty obscure so Google isn’t helping at all, but Elfrid Payton having triple-doubles for four separate franchises has to be pretty close to the record, right? At least among active players? He’s only played for four teams so far, but he’s gotten a triple-double for each of them (I will forever cherish the trip-dubs [notice the plural] he had with the Suns). Most players who can rack up the stats like he can usually don’t end up moving around very often, because teams like players who can put up gaudy stats.

Actually, I just thought about it a little more, and the record is probably held by Rajon Rondo, who has played for way more teams. He might be kinda washed, but he did manage a single triple-double for both the Bulls (honestly I blocked that stint out of my mind entirely) and the Lakers (LeBron must have been injured). To go along with the 2 he had for the Pelicans, the 6 he had for the Kings, and the 22 he had for the Celtics.

So Payton doesn’t hold this record, but that’s fine, because it’s kind of a crappy record anyway and no one should care who holds it or doesn’t hold it. Even so, it’d be kind of nice for a player like Payton to have some sort of NBA record, so I’ll get back to work on finding one that he can be the holder of for sure.

And it can’t have anything to do with having had a hair tower that obscured his vision of the rim. Lonnie Walker’s hair tower is way towerier at this point.

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