Larry Nance Jr. 19 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

Man, ever since he left the Lakers, it’s like pulling teeth to get people excited for Larry Nance Jr. Even with the Lakers, the hype for him was surprisingly low considering that he was on the Lakers (which is usually all you have to get hyped to the moon and beyond) and he could dunk it good.

Disclaimer: Nance doesn’t actually dunk it that good in-game most of the time. He had a bunch of dunks in this one and most of them were sorta lame, as usual. Someone tell him that it’s okay to dunk it as hard as you can instead of as soft as you can.

With the Cavaliers, he might as well not exist. I know I’ve mentioned this a million times, but I keep mentioning it in the hopes that someone will come along and explain to me why he’s still enshrouded in obscurity. I need answers here. This guy is like a white Giannis and no one cares. It would help if I could figure out why I don’t care about him as much as I should, because the reasons for my lack of care could possibly be extrapolated to the population at large, but my own feelings are a mystery to me as well.

Oh yeah, and he had 4 assists in this game but I didn’t show them because he OFFICIALLY has to get 5 assists before I begrudgingly put them in a video.

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