Dario Saric 24 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2020)

Dario “Croat of All Time” Saric had his season-high in points tonight with 24 (eclipsing the 23 he scored earlier in the season, but not eclipsing the 32 he scored his rookie season). However, Aron Baynes totally outshone Saric by scoring 37 points. That’s an amount of points that makes it hard to focus on anything done by any other player on either team.

Since Baynes just stole a bunch of well-deserved recognition from Saric, I would have to guess that Croatia-Australia relations have soured significantly in the past two hours. Andrew Bogut, being an Australian of Croatian ancestry, is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap here and defuse these tensions, but his meager diplomatic skills will do little to cause either Croatia or Australia to back down here.

The only solution is to have a one-on-one boxing/wrestling/MMA bout between Saric and Baynes to see who gets all the glory from this game. Reffed by Bogut.

Honestly, I think Baynes would have the significant edge in any fight between the two. He’s too big and beefy. It’s not clear that he even feels pain.

However, Saric has the benefit of sneaky Croatian martial arts learned from his great-great-grandfather who said “the only things we have are the things we have”. He was a wise man. With the use of those fancy kicks and dives and rolls against Baynes’ powerful but lumbering style, Saric might have a fighters’ chance to come away with the bout with all of his teeth still in his mouth and all his bones in the proper orientations.

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