Derrick White 19 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (3/6/2020)

Everyone was so hyped for Derrick White after his playoff performance last season (was it only last season? feels like an eternity ago now… the only way to mark the passing of time is by measuring how much further White’s hairline has flown up his forehead). That hype was very real, but it is absolutely 100 percent gone now. There is NONE of it left. Not even a little bit. It has simply vanished into the ether, leaving us to wonder, was it ever there at all?

Luckily, we can verify the hype by watching my vid of him scoring 36 in game three against the Nuggets. Unlike so many that I’ve compiled, that video hasn’t gotten deleted. Yet. It probably will someday, so you should go watch it now or live with the regret forever.

The Spurs aren’t going to make the playoffs, White hasn’t built on the promise he showed in that monster game and is basically the same player he was last year, that’s a recipe for people not caring about you anymore. Maybe it would be better if he actually regressed a ton. At least then people would be asking stuff like “what happened to Derrick White, he was so good” instead of not asking anything at all.

I don’t even want to go back and see what kind of outlandish and overoptimistic stuff I had to say about White last season. You can go digging all you want, but if you anything really damning, please let me know so I can go back and retroactively edit it out.

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