DTB’s Best NBA Dunks of the Month (February 2020 Dunkilation)

February was not the best month for dunks (even with the leap day giving everybody a bit more time to get some good ones in), but we’ve still got a good collection of the NBA’s best wham-jams from that month. As always, I have provided some of my own commentary on this dunks for your own enjoyment. If you enjoy these rambunctious displays of rim-ravishing wreckage, consider a donation to my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/downtobuck

0:03 – New euphemism for dunking on someone: “putting [them] in jail”. Exercise caution when using this euphemism during pickup games in urban settings.

0:39 – Dunking with one hand and then bending the rim down with you so that it pops up when you let go is the most primally satisfying thing ever. I would know. I’ve done it lots of times.

0:43 – I cut away from this dunk too fast to see if JaVale McGee would get hit with a T for taunting. Poster dunks should entitle the dunker to five free seconds of taunting, in my opinion.

1:15 – In NBA 2K10, I would sometimes run into the mop boys on the baseline and knock them over. My tagline for these situations would be “Sorry mop man, gotta jam.” Not the most original, but I finally have a chance to bring it up.

1:26 – Normally I wouldn’t include an open-court dunk like this in my monthly dunkilation, but there’s some aesthetic quality to a cleanly-exectuted two-handed tomahawk that is irresistible.

1:49 – Yeah, DJJ should win the dunk contest easily. Right guys? Right?

2:19 – The only “Willie Cauley-Stein on the Mavs” highlight you will ever see. Cherish it.

2:41 – Josh Jackson slowed down here so that the poster would get even sicker. Thanks bro.

2:53 – I consider myself a connoisseur of Statue of Liberty dunks. This is not a Statue of Liberty dunk.

3:05 – Kelly Oubre’s menisci still look good here.

3:10 – If Collins had cocked this one back any further, his arm would have done a full 360 and reverse-dunked it up through the rim.

3:29 – Pat Connaughton trying to show everybody that he wasn’t just the token white guy inclusion in the dunk contest.

3:41 – Bald to bald. Poetic.

3:51 – Bradley Beal’s anger towards not being an All-Star selection is apparent through this entire video. Either that or he’s angry about John Wall’s contract. It could be either.

4:08 – Seth Curry getting some free cosmetic surgery courtesy of the ball.

4:15 – I would give props to Chandler Hutchison for tenaciously defending two separate dunks on this play, but I’m all out of props to give.

4:27 – Speaking of 2K10, cheesing the inbounds pass for steals and dunks was how my MyPlayer averaged 100 PPG over his career.

4:45 – It wouldn’t be Hubie Brown commentary without somebody being given credit.

4:54 – Another entry into my thrunkilation which I always talk about but which I’m never going to actually make.

5:02 – Menisci still looking good.

5:12 – Okay, that thrunkilation isn’t definitely happening now.

5:20 – Hornets commentator Eric Collins used to annoy the balls off me, but now I can appreciate the extra level of excitement that he brings these types of plays.

5:33 – When this clip starts you don’t even realize there’s somebody in the corner waiting to run in for an oop. The pass looks like it’s going to go out of bounds until DJJ appears out of nowhere to stuff it.

6:08 – Gordon knew that Trae Young was never gonna try to play defense on this play.

6:28 – Worst. Camera angle switch. Of. All. Time. Somebody get in that video truck and drive it off a cliff.

6:47 – While we’re on the subject of questionable broadcasting decisions, these slow-down then speed-up then slow-down-again replays are a horrible idea.

7:06 – LMA with the extremely timid shot contest. He actually angled his jump towards the baseline just to ensure that he wouldn’t make or take any contact.

7:21 – More emphatic thrunkage.

7:37 – Boucher with the…crush-ay. Nope. That didn’t work. I’ll delete this.

7:44 – Do you think Oubre’s menisci are as sexy as the rest of him is? I guess the surgeon is going to find out. Is it unethical to admire tendons while you’re operating on them?

8:13 – “Hammerjob” sounds like the name of a very sadistic sexual act. The kind that you wouldn’t ever want to go searching for.

8:20 – This is the last gasp of #hypedforgaryharris

8:36 – On the first angle it looks like Kent Bazemore dies on contact.

8:54 – Now look, you’ve gotta give Daniel Theis a lot of credit.

9:11 – I’m disappointed that Mitchell didn’t do his scissoring leg-kick thing that he usually does when he whacks on people. I thought about trying to photoshop it in but my skills are, sadly, not that advanced.

9:20 – McGee always does his part to make sure these dunkilations are as intense and posterific as possible. As a token of my thanks to him, I will never again mention the time he tried to dunk from the free throw line in-game while the Kings commentators mocked him.

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