Mychal Mulder 18 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2020)

I don’t follow college basketball at all, but if I did, I’d be really wondering right now how the heck a guy who was so unproductive in college (note: his juco stint does NOT count) is managing to put up double-digit scoring games regularly in the NBA.

Remember, the NBA is BETTER than NCAA ball. College fans will tell you otherwise, but it absolutely is. The players are more skilled, bigger, more athletic. Most players will see their stats drop a little bit, at least initially, unless they were being misused in college or something.

Perhaps you could claim that was the situation with Mulder at Kentucky, that he was being misused. Certainly, with what he’s doing with the Warriors, it does seem to me that he could’ve been a useful piece, at least as a shooter. But I don’t know. I literally know NOTHING about the college game so I should probably shut up now. Kentucky fans are welcome to tell me how big of a dummy I’m being, and they’re likely correct.

He’s only played 7 games, but he’s topped his Kentucky career high in four of them already, the latest a new high of 18. And if you squint your eyes real right, you can kind of pretend that you’re watching Klay Thompson out there. For real.

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