Matthew Dellavedova 14 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (3/8/2020)

Matthew “Wacky Delly” Dellavedova had all of two points and a single assist in the first half of this game. It was looking to be just another statistically futile outing for Dellavedova, a player whose career has been the epitome of “statistically futile”.

Then he took over the second half. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating by saying that.

Twelve points and ten assists in a single half of play sounds pretty dominant to me. If you extrapolate that to two halves, you have yourself a 20/20 game, which every fan, from the erudite NBA scholar (me) to the absolute basic casual (you) would recognize as elite. Ignore the fact that the overtime period in this one skewed Delly’s stats slightly. Delly was elite.

The Cavs have now won two straight games against decent Western-conference teams (the Nuggets and Spurs) using this innovative new starting backcourt of Matthew Dellavedova and Collin Sexton. Their very different skillsets are quite complementary in a way that the Sexton + Garland skillsets definitely aren’t. The only problem with the Collthew Sexedova tandem, aside from that horrible nickname I just came up with, is that they give up a lot of size.

Screw size. When you’ve got a guy who can get 10 APG easy and a guy who can get 25 PPG easy, the only size you have to worry about is the size of their BALLS OF STEEL while they CLUTCHLY WIN GAMES NIGHT AFTER NIGHT.

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