Paul Millsap 20 Points Full Highlights (3/9/2020)

Paul Millsap started off this game just straight-up torching a Bucks team that seemed to have no desire to guard him. He dropped thirteen points rather quickly and was making D.J. Wilson look like a total bum. Which he is. But Millsap was making him look like one too. Sorry Deej.

Then I stopped watching the game because I have better things to do with my time than watch a neutered Bucks squad play their bench DNP guys for thirty minutes, and right around the time I stopped watching, Millsap stopped scoring. I don’t know what happened with him, but I expected him to at least drop a thirty-burger. Maybe even a forty-burger. Instead, he barely gave us a twenty-burger. This burgerage is insufficient.

Maybe the Bucks’ defense actually started closing out on him a little bit. Maybe Nikola Jokic’s ultra-passivity started rubbing off on him. Whatever the case may be, Millsap only scored seven points in the final three quarters. It’s like he didn’t even want to prove to haters like me that he’s worth thirty million dollars. It’s like he didn’t even want to dispel the “Nuggets Ruiner” nickname that haters like me have assigned to him.

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