Christian Wood Career High 32 Points/6 Dunks Full Highlights (3/11/2020)

Nothing feels real anymore.

I’m sitting here trying to organize my thoughts and then everything just falls apart again.

Christian Wood put on the most dominating performance of his life, and completely made Joel Embiid into Joel Embiitch, but it’s like it didn’t even happen. Rudy Gobert got the coronavirus. Other players and coaches might have it. The NBA season is suspended. Will they play the season out at some unknown future date? Nobody knows. Will there even be a champion this year? Will the stats count? If the stats don’t count, are all these highlight videos (roughly 1750 this season so far) just…meaningless? Is it all meaningless anyway?

There’s not going to be any NBA basketball tomorrow night. Or any of the tomorrow nights for a long time. Can’t we just go back to the innocent times when I was making coronavirus jokes and we didn’t have to worry about our whole lives getting upended? Is it possible to go back?

And I’m trying my hardest to trick myself into thinking that everything is normal. I’ll just keep making highlight videos and pretend that things are fine. But what if things get so bad that the loss of NBA basketball no longer feels like a big deal anymore? That’s what’s really got me freaked out right now.


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