RJ Barrett 26 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2020)

How unfair. Just as RJ Barrett gets on a roll, scoring in double digits twelve out of the last thirteen games and scoring 26 points (twenty of them in the second half + overtime) in this one, the NBA goes and postpones the season indefinitely. He was just starting to break out! The hopes of Knicks fans were being proven not to be in vain! Those fans had something to be happy about for the first time since that one time they made the playoffs a decade ago! And now it’s been taken away from them!

It might be a kind of relief if the Knicks don’t end up playing any more games this season. They have a few bright spots, but they’re not VERY bright spots. They’re more like medium-bright. And they also have a lot of dark spots, like an overripe banana that’s sat out too long and gotten all mushy and brown.

BRIGHT SPOTS: RJ Barrett, Frank Ntilikina (rarely), Mitchell Robinson
DARK SPOTS: Wayne Ellington, Kevin Knox, Coronavirus

It would be better for the mental health of all Knicks fans if they just called it a season, forfeited any remaining games that might get scheduled in July or whatever, and getting ready for the off-season goal of surrounding RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson with shooters. And not these fake shooters like Reggie Bullock and Bobby Portis. REAL shooters. I’m a free agent and I can shoot 50% on open threes in a gym once I get warmed up and I don’t have to move from my spot, so I think I count as a “REAL shooter”. I can even say in interviews, “my role on the team is to make things easier for Barrett because he’s the future of this team.” I’m perfect for the job.

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