DTB’s Top 100 Midrange Jumpers of the 2019-20 NBA Season (2019-20 Season Jumperilation)

The classic “Top 100 [x]” concept is familiar and comforting to the average NBA fan. By ranking something in such a straightforward way, order is brought to the jumbled chaos that is inherent in all sports analysis. However, under the prevailing paradigm, the variable [x] doesn’t have many possible values: “players”, “dunks”, “game-winners”, and “crossovers” are some of the most common, but the list doesn’t extend much further than that. The same tired tropes are trotted out year after year.

World-renowned highlights visionary DownToBuck is about to change all of that.

By compiling only the very best midrange jumpshots of the 2019-20 season, a new era of basketball highlightage has dawned upon the earth, and the feeble dogmas of the past have been trampled by the march of progress. While the official NBA YouTube channel uneasily watches from the shadows, continuing to push uninspired garbage onto a restless viewership that knows nothing else, DownToBuck has blessed his devoted acolytes with a highlights experience which is progressive, forward-thinking, innovative, and subjectively more entertaining than any other content begrudgingly consumed from any other source. While other highlights channels merely intend to placate their viewers, DownToBuck intends to enrich them.

The midrange jimbos which appear in this video were selected by a meticulous, analytical process which took the following criteria into account:

-Aesthetic quality of shot mechanics
-Aesthetic quality of net swishage
-Shot difficulty
-Game situation
-Announcer/crowd/teammate/defender response

Exactly 14,806 field goals were analyzed in the creation of this video. Each one was given due consideration for inclusion (after necessarily excluding all floaters). The amount of effort expended to compile this video was truly staggering, but the end result is the most definitive collection of middy jimmies ever found in a single location. Much like the ash-seared ruins of Pompeii are a pure crystallization of the life of the ancient Romans in the first century, this video is a pure crystallization of the state of the midrange jumper in the year 2020 AD.

Relish it, friends. You bathe now in the waterfall of history.

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