Thanasis Antetokounmpo All 19 Field Goals Full Highlights (2019-20 Season Bucketilation)

While my schedule for uploading end-of-season compilations has been pushed up somewhat by the COVID-induced postponement of the NBA season, the nature of the situation remains the same: by uploading compilations for all players in the league, my channel begins to attract the more casual NBA fan. During the regular season, when a casual might only recognize 20% of the players for whom I upload videos, I enjoy saner comment sections and a generally more knowledgeable viewership than competing highlights purveyors who focus on the stars and superstars who drive the league. While those more knowledgeable viewers do stick around for the off-season, they are joined by those who want nothing more than to watch compilations featuring LeBron James and Russell Westbrook.

My disdain for casuals borders on contempt. To watch their debates on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, where nonsense “hot takes” are plucked from nowhere and the laughing-crying emoji is considered a legitimate form of punctuation, is a most exquisite agony. That is why I have made a bold choice which I believe adequately makes clear my purpose in running this channel:

I am uploading my Thanasis Antetokoumpo bucketilation before my Giannis Antetokounmpo dunkilation.

Scrubs and role-players will always be my priority. MVP’s? Forget them. All-Stars? Who cares. Players who can score 20 PPG per game? Miss me with that. Everybody has seen Giannis dunk a million times. If he has a good game, House of Highlights and ESPN will viciously fight each other for viewers while I chill out in the background. Has anybody other than Bucks fans ever seen Thanasis on the court? No. He’s the kind of ultra-marginal scrubnugget who DownToBuck should be celebrating.

When all is said and done and the books of history have their final page written, one Antetokounmpo brother will be remembered and the others will be forgotten. However, in my realm, all are worthy of remembrance. Even the ones who can only make nineteen total field goals over the course of an entire NBA season.

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