Alen Smailagic All 20 Field Goals Full Highlights (2019-20 Season Bucketilation)


To display his commitment to the cause of scrubs league-wide, DownToBuck will henceforth be uploading more bucketilations of extremely low-impact players in the NBA. This policy was trialed with the uploadment of the Thanasis Antetokounmpo bucketilation, and now officially goes into effect with the uploadment of this Alen Smailagic bucketilation.

I mean, I only made one Alen Smailagic highlight video this season out of his sixteen appearances. That represents, to me, a severe shortage of Smailagic footage on my channel. The good people of Serbia, who have always supported my efforts, deserve to be provided with as much Smailagic footage as possible. That is why I have compiled every made field goal from Smailagic’s rookie season into a single video of unsurpassed Serbness.

The downside of creating what certainly must be the premier Alen Smailagic highlight video ever uploaded to the internet as of this writing is that it depicts his flaws just as well as it depicts his strengths. A nineteen-year-old rookie drafted in the second round isn’t expected to be productive right away (even if his tragic hairline makes him look 30), but, man…this video is not pretty.

It seems like every time Smailagic tries to take some initiative and create his own look, it goes wrong. Even if the shot goes in (which it always does in this video), there’s a sense of wrongness about it that I can’t shake off. He’s got some mobility now with his young age, but the eye test is telling me that, five years from now, he’ll have the footspeed and agility of Joel Przybilla. Will he still be in the NBA at that point? My guess would be “no”, but I would be very happy if the answer was “yes”, because that would mean five years of Smailagic highlights and the Serb eyeballs that go along with Smailagic highlights. It would also mean that he had somehow figured out how to be an effective NBA player.

So, yeah. Expect more of these types of videos going forward. At this point I really don’t care how good a player is. If I like them (or I think they’re funny [or if they’re from a second-world European country (priority given to Balkan states)]), they’ll get a video. Player quality has never mattered to me when making individual highlight videos, so why should it matter to me when making end-of-season compilations?

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