Marcus Smart 19 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (9/1/2020)

This video represents the collision of multiple things that I don’t really care for:

-The Celtics (and their fans)
-The Raptors (and their fans)
-Marcus Smart (and his ability to play defense)
-Jersey patches (they’re normalized for everybody BUT I STILL DON’T LIKE THEM)

However, it also contains some thing that I’m pretty cool with:

-Players hitting five three-pointers in a single quarter
-Raptor fan tears

So the net result is absolute neutrality, or maybe ambivalence, towards this video and its contents. Having the Raptors get butt-blasted by Marcus Smart’s three-point barrage (when he’s not even a great three-point shooter to begin with) is putting me in a good mood, but it’s not like Celtics fans deserve happiness either, so the fact that they’re happy is counteracting the happiness that results whenever I see anguished Raptors fans. In the middle of all this is Smart himself, who has proven that a Smart-Walker starting guard tandem can be mightily successful.

Still, my ultimate goal is for this game to go to seven games, and then, in game seven, both teams play such hard defense for fifty consecutive 0-0 overtimes that they injure themselves and are totally hobbled when they face the Bucks in the ECF Conference Finals (or the Heat, but we’re not talking about that).

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