Norman Powell 23 Points Full Highlights (9/9/2020)

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

Norman Powell’s strong play this season elevated him from mere “Bucks Killer” status (where he would dominate the Bucks while only playing reasonably well against the rest of the teams in the league league) to “Everyone Killer” status (where he would dominate every team whether or not they wore jerseys with a sylvan ungulate on them and were from southeastern Wisconsin). However, in this series against the Celtics, Powell hasn’t played all that well, and I started to doubt whether he was really the “Everyone Killer” that I had thought.

You can see how I have committed a grave sin which surely has damned me to eternal damnation unless I confess it to a priest.

Powell was quiet in the first 48 minutes of this game (colloquially known as “regulation”), scoring just eight points. That is when my doubt was strongest. Then came the two overtime periods, and Powell turned up all his internal sliders to 99, resulting in fifteen points and a Raptors win. Is this the game that gives Powell his swag back and allows him to resume being the “Everyone Killer” (and especially a “Celtics Killer”)? It might be, but we only have one more game left to go in this series, so that swag will be relinquished into the insatiable void of the offseason if the Raptors happen to lose.

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