Norman Powell 26 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2021)

Add this one to the vast and ever-growing list of “Norman Powell Hates the Bucks” games. And you can add it to the very top of the list, because this is the most points that Powell has ever scored against the team that kinda-sorta drafted him and then immediately traded him for Greivis Vasquez of all players. Oh yeah, and the pick that became OG Anunoby was part of that deal as well. I hate Jason Kidd. I hate Jason Kidd. Norman Powell hates the Bucks. I hate Jason Kidd. I hate Jason Kidd.

Powell has made such a habit of dominating the Bucks, especially in the playoffs, that it’s almost his signature move. Not every player has a signature move, in fact, most players do not, but for those that do, their signature move involves a specific action in basketball (like a filthy crossover, or a show-offish dunk, or a difficult turnaround jumpshot). Powell’s signature move is that he hates the Bucks and will attempt to score on them relentlessly whenever Nick Nurse unleashes him. That’s not exactly a “move”, per se, but it’s his signature for sure.

I’m semi-retired now, which means I’m way more chill about everything, so this isn’t bothering me as much as it usually does, especially since the Bucks won this game. Still, I can feel my blood pressure rising whenever I see Powell play well, because it’s a stark reminder of how NOT WELL Greivis Vasquez played while he was on the Bucks. This is a trauma that I will carry with me until the day I die.

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