Norman Powell 29 Points Full Highlights (2/8/2021)

As part of my strict initiative to lessen my own workload, I have excised players from my channel who would normally be well within my scrub parameters (“scrubrameters”). There is a sizable collection of mid-teens-PPG shooting guards that have been plopped onto the exclusion list. Tim Hardaway Jr. is one of them. So is Will Barton. Eric Gordon might be on there too – I haven’t decided. But putting those guys on my exclusion list brings up another question – should I kick Norman Powell off my channel?

I’m not beholden to anybody else’s opinions on this matter. I make my own rules and I play by my own rules. I also write and publish the DTB rulebook so that I can reference my rules at any time and decide whether or not I want to ignore those rules. If you have rules that you want me to play by, it doesn’t matter, because you don’t make the rules. I make the rules. And right now the rules are inconclusive as to whether Norman Powell should continue to be the fixture on my channel that he has been for basically his whole career.

One one hand, Powell is an exciting player and Raptors fans love coming to my channel to watch videos of him.

On the other hand, Powell should be a Buck, but he isn’t, and Greivis Vasquez torments my every waking moment. Watching Powell succeed night in and night out while Vasquez goes dumpster-diving for used Pampers to put on his head is an agony that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I broke down in tears multiple times while making this video.

So, I’m not sure what I’ll do with Powell going forward. Maybe I’ll keep him around but his OFFICIAL DTB POINTS THRESHOLD is something redonkulous like forty.

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