Michael Carter-Williams 21 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/12/2021)


I was totally ready to not make this video, because this is my seventh video from last night’s slate of games and that’s way too many for a guy who is supposed to be retired from making highlight videos. But then I started scrolling through Michael Carter-William’s gamelogs and I unearthed a disturbing fact:

The last time MCW scored more than twenty points in a game, he was playing for the Bulls.


That’s like ten teams ago for MCW. Four years of real time. Real life time where he continued appearing in games but kept on not scoring twenty points.

After a promising rookie season where he scored more than twenty on 22 separate occasions, this huge gap between twenty-point games is a disappointment for any MCW believer that was still out there believing in MCW. I honestly don’t think there are any MCW believers in existence anymore, but you never know. Maybe there’s a dude out there trying to be contrarian by thinking that MCW can still develop into a starting point guard on a championship-contending team. Hopefully that dude’s friends don’t make fun of him too much when he launches into one of his pro-MCW tirades.

So now you see why I have to make this video. This is MCW’s best game in four years and it might be the last truly good game he has in his career, depending on if teams keep acquiring him or not. A truly momentous occasion.

[OFFICIAL DTB AMENDMENT: It turns out that MCW scored twenty points once last season. But was it MORE than twenty points? No. Neverthless, DTB regrets the error.

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