Norman Powell 29 Points Full Highlights (2/18/2021)

“Dear Diary,

Today we played the Bucks again. I did okay. I scored 29 points, which isn’t as many as I wanted but still pretty good.

I hate the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, and all the denizens of the wretched city of Milwaukee, with every molecule in my body. There is no logical explanation for the hate, but the hate is there, coursing through my bloodstream and thrumming in my muscles. To deny that hate would be folly. It is a part of me, and I have come to relish it.

So deep is my hate that I often fantasize about a foreign actor dropping multiple nuclear warheads on the city of Milwaukee, so that the virulent scourge of its populace is wiped clean from the earth. To see every Milwaukeean man, woman, and child baptized in nuclear hellfire is such an alluring thought that it regularly appears to me in my dreams. At the center of that glorious inferno would, of course, be the Fiserv Forum and all the players of the Milwaukee Bucks. Imagining those men getting reduced to atomic ash by a nuke detonating in the middle of their locker room fills me with unimaginable glee. My hate for all players on the Bucks roster is so all-consuming that any psychiatrist tasked with analyzing my psyche would recoil in sheer terror.

Hopefully the Bucks enjoy having Greivis Vasquez on their roster!

(Hope you liked my little joke there, Mr. Diary.)

Well, that’s all for now. Time to go to sleep. With luck, I will again be blessed by dreams of Milwaukee’s complete ruination at the hands of a rogue nation-state and the full terror of its nuclear arsenal. While I wait for that glorious day, the best I can do is continue to dominate them on the court.


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