Chris Boucher 29 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2021)

Now that Norman “Bucks Killer” Powell is officially off my channel because he’s averaging like 19 PPG per game and constantly reminds me of Greivis Vasquez simply by existing, I’m going to have to lean heavily on Chris Boucher to provide highlights for Raptors players going forward. And I have to say, given the way he’s played this season, I have no doubt that he will continue to put up sick scoring performances that I can use to draw Raptors fans to my channel so that I can mock them in my video descriptions.

Boucher now has ten twenty-point games on the season. Aron Baynes, the Raptors’ big off-season acquisition, has…zero. His season high is thirteen. Boucher is shooting 45% from three. Baynes is shooting 24%. Both of them have unorthodox shooting mechanics, but Boucher’s has become very accurate, while Baynes has regressed from an accuracy perspective and is now basically useless as a shooter. I thought Masai and Nurse were supposed to be geniuses. This is what I was told repeatedly by Raptors fans. The presence of Baynes on the roster proves otherwise.

The best part of this game wasn’t Boucher scoring 29, nor was it even Powell scoring 33 (not that I want to think about that dude anymore). It was Tony Snell hitting the game winner as time elapsed, giving him five points for the game and firmly establishing him as the new Raptors Killer. That’s good, because I’m tired of players being Bucks Killers. I want players to be Raptors Killers, and who better to do that than my favorite Bucks role-player of all time, Tony “Raptors Killer” Snell? God, I’m so happy.

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