Chuma Okeke 17 Points Full Highlights (3/24/2021)

Chuma “Chum Bucket” Okeke has sort of flown under the radar for me, given that he’s just another one of the Magic’s glut of underwhelming wing players. Since I’m semi-retired, my motivation to keep on top of every single roster in the league is lessened, and the Magic are at the bottom of my list of teams to care about, so a player like Okeke almost doesn’t exist to me. Just look at him. He even LOOKS like he doesn’t exist. He looks like his player model was ripped out of a video game, plopped into real life and given a low-quality “generic black man” texture.

It doesn’t help that Okeke’s only got three double-digit scoring games on the season, the other two being games in February where he scored eleven and ten points respectively. When mediocre scrubnuggets like Dwayne Bacon, James Ennis, and Al-Farouq Aminu are making more of an impact than you on a regular basis, your chances of being known to the average casual NBA fan are basically zero. If I and anybody else are going to be expected to pay attention to Okeke, he’s gonna have to start AT LEAST outplaying Al-Farouq Aminu. AT LEAST.

Thankfully, Okeke is outplaying Gary Clark, so it could be worse. Remember, Gary Clark is the guy that Rockets fans unironically would be really really good, and he’s also the guy that was held up as an example of how Daryl Morey runs circles around every other GM in the league. This is completely tangential to Chuma Okeke, but I wanted to bring it up because Rockets fans deserve to suffer for their horrible opinions. Imagine thinking that the acquisition of Gary Clark makes your GM a genius and will help your team win games. Imagine being so braindead that you unironically think that. This is the reality that Rockets fans deal with every day. They have to struggle to navigate their fat-laden bodies through life while having a brain that assigns positive value to Gary Clark and the GM who acquired him.

I trust that Magic fans hold Gary Clark in proper esteem (which is to say, not very high esteem), and I also trust that no Magic fans will come in here and post inane comments like “Okeke is the future of this franchise we should trade Gordon so he can get more minutes [muscle emoji]”.

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