Rui Hachimura Career High 30 Points Full Highlights (3/30/2021)

Thirty points is Rui Hachimura’s career high. However, it’s not a new career high, it just ties a career high that he set in his rookie season. That means, for all the true DTB acolytes who were hoping for a “Hall of the Thirty Point Scorers” video description where Hachimura enters a mystical realm of total contentment and then hangs out with Carlos Delfino for a bit, you don’t get that video description. That’s already been written ( and I’m not writing it again.

Instead, I’m writing the following statement:

Rui Hachimura is OFFICIALLY off my channel. Starting right now.

It just doesn’t make sense to continue making highlights for this guy when he’s clearly on a trajectory towards stardom and when so many other highlights channels make videos for him. I’m semi-retired and I have to be smart about prioritizing my time. Making the same video that six other people made is not a smart use of my time. Neither is making a life-size sculpture of Nate Wolters out of chicken wire and carpet scraps so that I can hug it and receive emotional sustenance from it, but the difference is that I really need to find out what it’s like to hug Nate Wolters, and I really don’t feel the compelling need to continue making Hachimura highlight videos.

If Japanese people donated more to my Patreon, maybe this wouldn’t be happening. For the low low price of 100,000 yen a month, I would continue making Hachimura highlight videos indefinitely. But the people of Japan aren’t giving me 100,000 yen a month. They’re giving me 0 yen a month. Which, at the prevailing exchange rate, is equivalent to 0 dollars per month. It wouldn’t even have to be Japanese people, either. I would take real American currency from real Americans if there are any real Americans who are so obsessed with Hachimura that they simply must have me continue making vids for him. (note that the exchange rate is discarded here, and the full amoung of $100,000 per month must be donated before this option is considered)

Farewell, Rui. You provided me with some good times. I love your middy jimbos. Make sure that Garrison Mathews and Chandler Hutchison get their touches too.

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