Naji Marshall 20 Points Full Highlights (5/14/2021)

Here is a comprehensive list of players that Naji Marshall reminds me of:

1. Nazr Mohammed. Mohammed is famous for once pushing down LeBron James. I’m sure Marshall would do that too if he had the chance. Otherwise, Marshall and Mohammed don’t have similar playstyles, but their names are reminiscent of each other. That’s really the only reason I drew this comparison.

2. Zeke Nnaji. Nnaji is a rookie for the Nuggets this season. Both Nnaji and Marshall are forwards, but, otherwise, I don’t know enough about their respective games to say if they are similar to each other. Really, the only reason I drew this comparison is Nnaji’s last name is the same as Marshall’s first name, just with an extra N for some reason.

3. Kendall Marshall. I miss Kendall Marshall a lot. I still call him “Assist Wizard” to this day and I wish he was still playing. Naji Marshall is not an “assist wizard” by any definition of the term. The only reason I drew this comparison is because Kendall and Naji share a last name, and every time I get reminded of Kendal Marshall, I feel upset at how underappreciated he was and I feel sad at how his career was cut short.

Fun Naji Marshall Bonus Fact: at 0:43 of this video, Marshall kills his teammate James Johnson on a rebound. Johnson stumbles around on his twisted ankle (or whatever it was) until he falls to the court in pain. Meanwhile, Marshall grabs the rebound (which was rightfully his), gazes with contempt at his fallen teammate, and runs up the court to score the ball in a one-on-five situation while the entire Warriors squad is expecting a timeout to be called. I have to say, I admire Marshall’s go-getter attitude: he wanted points, so he got points by any means necessary. And those means were injuring his own teammate and using the ensuing distraction to go coast-to-coast for the bucket.

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