Bryn Forbes 22 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (5/29/2021)

I’m sure everybody has already seen this fun statistical tidbit, but I’m sharing it with you anyway because I was so tickled by it:

Jimmy Butler scored 58 points in this series. Bryn Forbes scored 60.

I am deriving an unreasonable amount of joy from this. Bryn Forbes is just a role-player. Jimmy Butler, meanwhile, is a superstar (at least as defined by people other than myself), the unquestioned leader of the Heat, and also the guy who said he was “stupidly locked in” before the playoffs started. Well, the stupidly locked in guy just got outscored by the guy whose handles are mashed potatoes and who relies almost entirely on three-pointers to score his points and is severely undersized and also has arms that look like they were shortened in photoshop as a joke.

Excuse me while I lay out some towels. There is pure schadenfreude dripping from my bodily orifices and I need to make sure it doesn’t ruin my carpet or my office chair.

The Bucks made easy work of the Heat in this sweep, really only getting challenged in game one and the first half of game four. A huge part of their success was Forbes scoring 12 PPG per game on 48% three-point shooting, while also not being a complete do-nothing on defense. He was like Duncan Robinson reincarnated, except Duncan Robinson is still alive. I’m not sure that this success will continue, but I sure hope it does, because the Bucks’ lives get a lot easier if Forbes is hitting tough threes and going on one-man runs while his defenders weep and gnash their teeth.

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