Glenn Robinson 40 Points Full Highlights (4/11/1997)

Ah, the offseason. The offseason… so tranquil. What more could an over-worked highlight maker want than months of repose? Ah, yes. The perfect antidote for a weary man. So peaceful. So relaxing. So…



What am I supposed to be doing right now? Sitting on my ass and watching my view-counts asymptotically increase? The regular season is long enough in the past that none care any longer about highlights from it. I can no longer fill these interminable hours with new -ilations. But there’s still like a month to go before preseason! What’s the deal? Isn’t there supposed to a “summer league” or something? Did it already happen? And don’t even talk about the Olympics to me. Those don’t count. If the players aren’t wearing the jerseys of NBA teams then I don’t (actually can’t) care.

So, like last summer, I turn to the only possibility of recourse, and venture into the realm of “vintage” highlights: videos ostensibly depicting scrubs of the past raising themselves above their usual mediocrity, if only for a single game. However, our first subject, while a noted draft disappointment, hardly falls under the label of “scrub”. You’ve seen the video title already, you know who I’m talking about, it’s…

Big Dog!

Long before Andrew Bogut was even considering disappointing an entire fanbase as the first overall pick, Glenn Robinson had already accomplished that feat, bringing to the Bucks some of the scoring ability he showed during his touted college career, but little else. Still, his career average of a bit over 20 points per game is pretty good, and he made a pair of All-Star games, so he’s not a bust. Just, you know, not a huge impact player.

Also he’s the reason that there’s a rookie-scale contract thing because of his absurd demand of a ten-year contract right after getting drafted. So thanks for that, Glenn. I guess.

Here he is scoring 40 points, his fifth-highest single-game point total. Pretty good until you remember that he averaged 30 his last season at Purdue, and then it starts seeming more sad than anything. Don’t worry though! Only a few weeks until preseason, and I’ve got some TRULY scrubby vintage scrublights to tide you over until then! Stop crying. It’s okay.

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