Zach LaVine 31 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2016)

Zach LaVine is rapidly approaching the “too good for DownToBuck’s Scrublights Archivium” threshold. He put up decent stats last year, but there were still arguments to be made that beneath the flashy exterior of dunks and threes there was a player who wasn’t actually all that good.

Maybe those arguments still exist. Inefficient, not a great distributor, won a dunk contest undeservingly, etcetera. It’s too early to say for those first two. That last one, though, definitely happened, and will haunt him for the rest of his career.

As of right now, DownToBuck will continue doing Z-Vine vids. Obviously, because I’m making one right now. Maybe I’ll mysteriously stop halfway through the season when it turns out that him averaging over 20 for the first three games wasn’t a fluke after all. Then he can join Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns and Stephen Curry of dudes I used to make videos for but don’t any longer.

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