Robert Covington 23 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (11/9/2016)

Robert Covington is who comes up when you type “slow start” into the Googles. Check out these three-point shooting lines from the first few games of the season: 0 of 4, 0 of 5, 2 of 8, 1 of 9. Those lines are pretty awful, awful enough where you could make a case that if Covington could actually make some shots, the 76ers would have won some games by now.

Well, that theory is officially disproven because Covington hit those shots this game and the Sixers still lost. That’s how theories work: once there’s hard evidence going against them, they need to be scrapped. I would know since I took some science classes in high school (sorry Mr. Wagner for never doing my physics homework, you were pretty cool). Now that the “Covington scoring = 76ers winning” theory is thoroughly debunked, we need a new theory that will let us predict Sixers success.

How about the “Joel Embiid not only plays, and not only scores a lot of points, but doesn’t turn over the ball ten times” theory. I like the sound of that theory. It rolls right off the tongue, and you can even acronym it if you want: the JENOPANOSALOPBDTOTBTT theory.

Yeah. I like it.

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