Evan Turner 24 Points Full Highlights (2/3/2017)

For the first few weeks of the season, Evan Turner was widely mocked and reviled for how he was performing relative to his contract. And not the good kind of mocking and reviling. The bad kind. The “worst contract in the league maybe” kind. He was assigned the blame for whatever troubles the Trailblazers were having, from the minor to the major, from locker-room donut mishaps to full-on postgame brawls.

He has picked it up since then, and is now providing a passable imitation of what he was doing in Boston. Still not the kind of performance you want for 17 million dollars a year, but at least he’s not actively hurting his team anymore. His midrange game has come back to life again, as you can see in this video. Not much passing, but I bet he was getting unlucky with Lillard deciding to turn into a brickmeister.

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