Alexis Ajinca 17 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2017)

Outside of his own parents and maybe himself, I might be the biggest Alexis Ajinca backer in the entire universe. Every time I see him play he’s dominating other teams with his combination of size, shooting touch, flabbiness, and looking like a drunk fifty-year-old. But that’s because I only see him play when I’m making highlights for him, so it makes sense that real-life Pelicans fans (I am told they exist) might not be quite so high on Sexy Alexis.

His time in New Orleans could be coming to an end, since there is no place for an offensive juggernaut like Ajinca when your team already has two other offensive juggernauts named Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins. He’s on a friendly contract that he would easily outperform if given minutes, so it won’t be hard to find a team that will take him on in exchange for some other piece the Pelicans might need, like a competent shooting wing, or somebody who has the muscle to strip Anthony Davis naked in the locker room and then spank him while filming it.

If we’re being honest, Ajinca is like a budget version of Brook Lopez without all the foot injuries. Tell me that he’s not intriguing to the other 29 GM’s in the league. I dare you. I dare you.

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