Quinn Cook 22 Points Full Highlights (4/8/2017)

This is the same thing that happened last year with the Pelicans: random players picked up from random places going off for 20-point nights. Last year, it was James Ennis and Jordan Hamilton (RIP in peace). This year, it’s Jordan Crawford and Quinn Cook. Hopefully the trend doesn’t continue past this year, or there are some serious problems in New Orleans. But for now, it’s all good. I live for these kind of games. Before tonight, the only thing I knew about Quinn Cook was that he wasn’t good enough to stick on the Mavericks. Now, I know two more things about him:

1. He can score 22 points against the best team in the league, which means he could score 40 against the worst team in the league. Does New Orleans play Brooklyn again this year?

2. He, apparently, has the support of Kevin Durant in his quest to become a legit rotation player in the NBA. Check out the end of this vid. Normally, a scrub (sorry it just slipped out I couldn’t help it) like Cook would be lucky to not get sucker-punched on the way out of the arena by an MVP winner like Durant. Instead, defying all expectations, they have a weird bro-sesh right there on the court after the game was ever. Just broing all over the place. Gross.

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