Treveon Graham 12 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2017)

My ambitious pre-season goal of “Make highlights of every Hornets player except for Kemba Walker” is now, theoretically, one step closer to completion with the uploadment of this Treveon Graham video. However, it is already a fruitless effort; Ramon Sessions has gone un-highlighted by me so far, and he’s out for the season. Remember, one of the aspects of this goal was that I would not make a non-worthy vid just to complete it. Otherwise it would be too easy. I refused to lower my standards for Sessions, and he failed to rise to the occasion.

All for the better, I guess, because I really don’t want to make Miles Plumlee highlights ever again after he robbed the Bucks so bad. Why the heck did the Hornets take his contract anyway? Did anyone ever figure that out?

Anyway, I still like adding players to my Archivium, and I’ve been waiting for sufficient Graham Cracker (boy that would be a racist nickname if this dude were white) action the whole season. And here we are! 12 points, by far his best game as a pro, including two of two from deep. As the commentators stated, that brings him to a ludicrous 9 of 13 from three on the season. Compare that to his 5 of 17 from two, and think about how he should pretend from now on that anywhere inside the arc is hot lava so he doesn’t get tempted by shots he can’t make.

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