Kris Dunn 10 Points/16 Assists Full Highlights (4/12/2017)

I don’t have time to write a funny description story for this Kris Dunn video (TOO MANY SCRUBLIGHTS ON THE LAST DAY OF THE SEASON) but here’s a rough outline of what would have happened:

Kris Dunn is in bed reading his kindle, and when he decides to go to sleep he is awakened by a ghost in his room. Except at the beginning it’s not really a ghost as in “boo I spooked you”, it’s more like a blob of indistinct vapor. Kris watches it for a while and then it morphs into the face of Ricky Rubio.

Kris is like, “why has the spirit of Ricky Rubio come to visit me when he’s still alive and could just talk to me in person,” and Ricky’s ghost is like “I’m here to give you my powers.” Then the ghost Ricky zaps himself into Kris chest and disappears. Afterwards Kris is like “what just happened” but goes to sleep vowing to ask the real Ricky about it the next day.

The whole moral of the story, except it’s not really a moral, is that Ricky’s mentoring of Kris over the whole season has finally paid off in this final game of the season because Dunn had sixteen assists. It’s like the perfect transition between old and new. So poignant and thought-provoking.

Anyway, that’s what the description would have been had I had the time to write all that fruity prose that I always write. The quick synopsis is still pretty good, though.

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