Tyus Jones 17 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (4/12/2017)

Tyus Jones: better than Kris Dunn? Timberwolves fans seem to think so, and I can’t say that I disagree. Just look at that assist-to-turnover ratio! Everyone knows that that ratio is one of the best ways to assess the value of point guards, and Jones’ is way better than Dunn’s.

It’s easy to complain about Jones getting marginalized in favor of Dunn, but it’s hard to do things differently if you’re the Timberwolves. Jones was a late first-rounder who didn’t show a ton in his rookie year, while Dunn was a highly-touted prospect. Even if Jones was three times the player Dunn was, you have to give more of the minutes to Dunn. That’s just how it is, especially if your team winning games is secondary to developing talent. Dunn has the higher ceiling, and he needs the game-time to help him reach it.

Or something. Dunn really sucked this year, looks kind of like a bust, and we probably won’t get to see much of Jones next year either because Rubio will still be taking all of the minutes anyway. Oh well.

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