Bojan Bogdanovic 19 Points Full Highlights (5/4/2017)

Does Scott Brooks even realize that he has a guy who once scored 44 points in a single game languishing on the bench? I’m trying to think of the last time Otto Porter scored 44 in an NBA-sanctioned contest, and you know what, I actually can’t think of it, because it never happened. But for some reason Porter gets to start and Bojank Horseman gets to only play 8 minutes in a playoff game.

That was last game. This game, he played 30 minutes, his highest minute total of the playoffs so far. Brooks admitted he made a mistake (which is probably not a good thing, coaches are supposed to present a stubborn front to the media) by not utilizing Bogdanovic well, so he made up for his erroneous minute distribution by letting him free. It worked, kind of, because 19 points is a lot for someone on the Wizards not named Beal or Wall.

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