Patrick Beverley 20 Points Full Highlights (5/9/2017)

Patrick Beverley: does he play too much defense?


If he didn’t play as much defense as he does, then the chances would be higher that this Rockets-Spurs series would just be a nonstop scoring exhibition. The Spurs have a potent offense when they’re allowed to run it the way they want, but with Beverley playing defense all over the place, they’re not scoring as many points as they should be. True, most of the scores in this series have been in the triple-digits, but is it so wrong to want a playoff series where every game ends with a score of 132-148? No. That’s not wrong. In fact, it’s right. I’m CORRECT in wanting those things, so it fully makes sense that I resent Beverley for playing too much defense.

It is my personal belief that the Rockets should start Marcelo Huertas at PG. This achieves many things: it prevents defense from being supplied by the PG position; it allows Harden to have the ball more; it creates interest for Brazilian fans who stopped paying attention when Nene went down; it proves that Shire Folk have a place in the NBA; and it would just be funny. The only thing the Rockets have to do now is un-waive him, but I’m sure that’s only a minor obstacle.

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