Otto Porter 20 Points Full Highlights (5/15/2017)

I was going to write a big long description about how I thought Otto Porter should have tried harder to make his presence known in this series, but now that I’m looking at his stats from the seven games, it turns out that, other than a goose egg in game 6, Porter was scoring rather well for the whole series. He actually got way more shot attempts than he did in the Hawks series, so not only is my original description idea ruined, but so is my narrative that John Wall needs to feed him the ball more often. I wanted to write something about how it was a crime that Porter wasn’t being treated like the legit third option he is, but it turns out that he was treated that way.

How did Porter even manage to score so many points with me not noticing? Is he a ghost or a wraith or maybe some other kind of supernatural spirit-being? Or was I just over-reacting to Markieff Morris taking too many shots and thus ignoring the very real and positive contributions of the Ottoman?

I don’t know what to think anymore. I’ll leave you with this: if Otto Porter doesn’t come back next season as a 20 PPG-scoring Kevin Durant clone, I’m going to call for John Wall trades.

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