Delon Wright 13 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (10/19/2017)

Last year, Delon Wright scored this exact amount of points on two occasions, and in none of the other twenty-five games that he appeared in did he score more than that. Once the season ended, there was a small amount of regret that I had not managed to honor the legacy of departed highlights legend dorell15 by making a Delon Wright highlight video.

The regret lingers with me to this day, and it is that regret which has compelled me to create this video. I do not wish to repeat past mistakes. Last season went by without a single Delon Wright video, but that unfortunate outcome has been avoided for this season, and I might finally be able to sleep at night without dorell15’s ghost haunting my dreams.

Also factoring into my consideration is the very real possibility that Wright fails to score more than thirteen at any point this season. Cory Joseph’s departure has opened up the backup PG spot, but Fred Van Vleet is gunning for that spot the same way Wright is. Factor in the addition of Lorenzo “Lolrenzo” Brown, and there’s no guarantee that Wright gets enough minutes to put significant amounts of points on the board. And if it turns out that Wright is a nightly threat to drop 15 points, then we can all look back at this video and laugh.

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