Cory Joseph 21 Points Full Highlights (10/24/2017)

For your enjoyment, part three of the ongoing “Pacers players who participated in the destruction of the Timberwolves” series: Cory Joseph! He scored 21 points, playing a crucial role in making Timberwolves fans realize that their team isn’t as good as they hoped and that it is time to start booing.

Like with Bojan Bogdanovic, there’s probably a fair amount of people who didn’t realize that Joseph was on the Pacers or even still in the league. It’s like when Paul George left, people just stopped paying attention to them, assuming they’d be irrelevant. And they’d be right; though the Pacers are fun right now, they aren’t really relevant. Who is their best player? There is no clear answer, and that is the problem. The team is nothing but a bunch of guys, with an identity of “we are just a bunch of guys so lets pass the ball and play the right way and stuff”.

Yawn. I want early 2000’s iso-ball back, please.

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