Frank Kaminsky 20 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

I ragged on Frank Kaminsky a lot last year for sucking. Not undeserved: he shot under 40 percent on the season as a seven-footer. You can make all the excuses for him that you want, but that was simply unacceptable. I’ve said it before, but if I was seven feet tall, my field goal percentage would be a perfect 100 because I would never not be dunking it. Kaminsky was often not dunking it, preferring to take threes he couldn’t make as the defense constantly left him wide open.

This year, though, he looks like a different man. Way more varied on offense. He has a midrange turnaround jumper that is surprisingly money. I know what you’re thinking, but this is different than Dirk’s fadeaway because Kaminsky can’t really jump. It’s still money though. As long as the defender is way smaller. I hate caveating everything with “it’s early in the season”, but it is, and he could still regress back into his usual mediocre self. But he also could keep this up and assert himself as one of the Hornets’ best players. I’m hedging my bets here; now I can say I was right no matter what happens!

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