Tyler Johnson 23 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

Tyler Johnson should definitely be able to make his quality of play match the amount he’s getting paid this year, which is only around six million dollars. That’s not very much money for a guy who can come off the bench and do some damage with his shooting, athleticism, and absolutely repulsive neckbeard. However, when he gets paid nineteen million dollars next season (more than Goran Dragic), it’s hard to see how he’ll ever be worth that much money unless he gets to be the starter and play starter’s minutes and be the number one option.

Plans have to be put into motion now for Dion Waiters to somehow leave the team. I know Heat fans will probably get out their pitchforks in response to my words, but the only option is that Johnson has to challenge Waiters to a real-life swordfight with real swords (not the other kind of swordfight) and then just chop of one of Waiter’s limbs with the sword. It doesn’t matter which limb it is. It could even be his head. But if Waiters is missing a limb, there’s no way he can be the starter going forward, and then Johnson can take the reins.

That solution doesn’t even address the fact that Whiteside and Dragic will still be on the team and still acting as the first and second options. Tyler Johnson had better be sharpening his sword.

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