Jeremy Lamb 20 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (10/29/2017)

Just like Jaylen Brown should be writing a thank-you card to Gordon Hayward for getting injured, so should Jeremy Lamb be writing a thank-you card to Nicolas Batum for the same reason. Lamb has been held down his entire career for various reasons, however, now that coach Clifford has no choice but to give him a bigger role, Lamb is showing that all that holding-down was blatantly unjustified.

To make Lamb’s life a little easier, I’ve even drafted some text he can write in the card so he doesn’t have to think about it himself:

“Dear Nic,

Thank you for blowing up your elbow. Now that you wear a suit to all the games, I get to play thirty minutes or more just about every night, and I’m scoring seventeen points per game. Enclosed is a piece of brie cheese. Hopefully it didn’t get moldy in the mail and that it reminds you of your home in France.”

Get better soon, but actually don’t, because I want to get this many minutes the entire season, so I hope you have a setback in rehab or you fall headfirst into a deli meat slicer or something.


Lamb will have to take note that the thanking impact of this card is diminished if he forgets to include the cheese.

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