Marreese Speights 18 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (10/30/2017)

After tonight’s maniacal chuckfest, Marreese Speights is attempting 13.6 threes per 36 this year. He’s not on the Warriors anymore and hasn’t been for a while, but their spirit still lives on in his heart. The spirit of chuck.

The Magic don’t have tons of minutes for him given their bigman situation, but after seeing what damage he did to DeMarcus Cousins’ psyche, maybe they should find some more. Play him like how the Bucks play Mirza Teletovic: put him in, let him chuck some quick threes, and if they go in, keep playing him. Otherwise, bench him for the rest of the game and let him try again in the next one. That way you can be sure to minimize bad Speights and maximize good Speights. There’s a joke here about his cyst being “bad Speights” and the rest of him being “good Speights”, but I’m too lazy to come up with it.

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