Montrezl Harrell 17 Points Full Highlights (12/11/2017)

Montrezl “Mon-Trezzle” Harrell is like the ultimate hustle player. Think back to the late great Jon Brockman. You think Brockman had lots of hustle? Harrell is like Brockman 2.0. No, Brockman 3.0. Not only is he Jon Brockman 3.0, but he’s also like a hybrid test tube baby of DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin.

Given those factors, it’s no surprise that Mon-Trezzle usually produces when given any kind of meaningful minutes. He did it in Houston by being Clint Capela 2.0, and now he’s doing it in Los Angeles by being JordanGriffinBrockman 3.0 with improved free-throw shooting and with a severe hatred of Jakob Poeltl/the country of Austria. I might be overreacting a little bit but that’s only because Steve Ballmer was caught on video doing one of his enthusiastic mini-dances and I got swept up in his hype.


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