Montrezl Harrell 15 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (12/16/2017)

I just love it when a big dude uses his mass to overpower another big dude in the post. If you watch this video (rather than just reading the description and then leaving, I know you degenerates are out there), you can observe how Montrezl “Mon-Trezzle” Harrell does exactly that against Jordan Mickey. It’s not as impressive as it could be because 1.) Mickey’s sorta skinny and 2.) it doesn’t result in a dunk, but it’s fun to watch regardless.

The new Clippers commentator who I don’t recognize and can’t name even referred to Harrell’s move as “barbecue chicken”, the famous Shaq-ism. If Harrell is going to start doing this on a regular basis, it needs a name other than that. After some research, I discovered that Harrell was born in Tarboro, North Carolina, so now I have to draw upon all my knowledge of North Carolina culture to figure out a food that can be used to reference Harrell’s power moves.

How about this: “Bojangles’ 4-Piece Homestyle Tenders Combo”. Catchy. I like it. I hope the commentators use it next time. “Montrezl just went right through Porzingis! That’s straight up Bojangles’ 4-Piece Homestyle Tenders Combo!”

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